How Custom Closets will Improve your Mental Health

Why would someone choose to invest in a space that is not there to be shown off? It is not that custom kitchen that all your family and friends can admire when visiting your home. The answers might surprise you, but they’re pretty simple; custom closets will improve your mental health, less mess equals less stress; organization allows you to utilize your wardrobe, and knowing what’s in your pantry can save you money.

Master Bedroom Closet Gallery

Having a clean house can make you happier – yes. Psychologists Saxbe and Repetti found that people who describe their homes as ‘cluttered’ and filled with ‘unfinished projects’ were more depressed, tired, and stressed than those who express their homes as ‘restful’ and ‘restorative.’ –The Healthy Journal

Your home is your retreat; your things express who you are and how you want to show up. Research shows that when your home is clean, tidy, and organized, so will be your mind. 

“A clean job site is akin to a clean desk. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind.” -Two Island Design Build

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Studies were done on linking cortisol elevation and the density of household items in people’s personal space. This proves the cleaner the home, the happier you will be.

An organized wardrobe will inspire you to wear all the beautiful pieces you invested in and creatively pair them well because you can see what you have when you get ready.

“Remove the emotional and physical clutter from your life so that you can soar.” –Judith Orloff.

Could you imagine everything in your wardrobe has its own home, plenty of space to hang you’re going out attire, a sock drawer, places for hats and shoes, and shelves for your favorite fragrances?

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JKath Design Build + Reinvent: tips for an organized closet

Custom closets are a game changer for your mental health and lifestyle.

Then you have the opportunity to save money. How might a custom closet or custom storage solution do that?

Once fully aware of everything you own, you can save money and avoid over-buying or duplicating the items you already have.

how custom closets can improve your mental health and save you money
Taylor Brown’s (The Styled Press) Pantry

How often have you thought you lost an article of clothing, went out, and bought a replacement to find the original months or years later? 

Have you gone through your pantry lately? How many duplicate items live in there or are already expired?

A clean pantry will be a preventive mechanism for overbuying and letting things expire without ever being unsealed.

We know that not all homes offer the space capacity to have large systems installed. Many solutions can be implemented at a reasonable cost to help maintain the “feng shui” and reduce the so-called “stuffocation.” (suffocation caused by your stuff) 

Our team of industry experts, from designers to installers, have a combined 50+ years of experience in custom closets, personal organizing systems, and sales. 

Built to Last Custom Closets are DEDICATED to delivering precisely what you want and maximizing your space, regardless of its size. We hope you enjoyed our article showing how custom closets will improve your mental health; don’t hesitate to contact us here for the next steps.

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